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Here is a rather random collection of useful arts websites.

For the sake of website security I no longer include links

I do however suggest a few places you might search.

Looking for an artist? 

Wikipedia search "" 


Other art information sources

Search: BBC learning "art and design" 

Search: " publicartonline" 

also try the Pinterest website - a massive repository of images.

This one is interesting : Search ""

There are over 200,000 British works listed at thepcf

Search ""

Want to see where an image has been used? 

There is a really useful app, if you'd like to trace the owner

Search for "tineye"


Art Gallery Fan?

Search "" and consider buying an annual pass

Buy and Please Say Why

If you can, please buy something directly from an artist near where you live, not just on holiday.
Buy a work simply because the art gives you pleasure and makes you ponder / feel good. 

Open studio events and open studio trails are great places to meet some fascinating people
and to locate good art at very reasonable prices!
Also go see the end of term exhibitions of art students college work in your local town or city -
In England these are often held in May/June each year.
The artists' reward is not just about the money, so do tell the artist why you love their work.

Price of Art?

If you like a work of art and it does not match your decor, buy it - then re-decorate the room!
You won't regret having good taste. A great picture, sculpture or artform will reward you year-after-year.
Don't buy art as an investment and lock it away in a vault - then its no longer 'art' but ego bling.

 Price? Twice year you pay a mechanic +$80 (+£60) an hour to fix your car, then you'll forget the job.
So don't be mean to artists! Pay the price. Remember the gallery will take 50%
(they have costs to cover too), the frame will cost a chunk of cash,
and not every artwork sells - so there's a 'sunk/lost' cost in time and materials lost by the artist.
If you cannot pay up front - don't worry! There is a wonderful help to buy art scheme in the UK
search for "" You pay monthly and the artist gets most of the money upfront. 

Look out for the 'OwnArt' logo. Everyone wins!