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Stephen won a grammar school art prize aged 16 but had no formal art education after that.  
Most artist have a portfolio career.
In Stephen's case, other far better paid work often got the upper hand and art took a back seat. 
He has painted full time since 2013. 

Stephen Reid is an artist and a philosopher with three books (now all ex-print)
on thinking-skills under his pen-name - SP Reid.
These include "How to Think", (1st Published in UK, then China, Indonesia, Korea and Brazil)
"High Performance Thinking Skills" and
"Managing Uncertainty".


Current Art Projects
Stephen says "If I can capture a feeling of an emotion or motion or both then I'm happy" His artworks follow several themes including both conventional and abstract work.  Stephen enjoys capturing movement and tension in dance and relationships. Very few of his paintings feature green so conventional landscapes are rare.

When working on abstracts, Stephen attempts to capture relationships. For example how people relate to each other and/or how colour and abstraction contribute to an atmosphere.
"Mondrian on absinthe" is one useful abstraction theme currently being developed. Mondrian's tight, rigid, compartmentalisation is the starting point - but as you might imagine - all of Mondrian's strict rules could have become distorted and, frankly irrelevant once 'under the influence!'  Stephen does not (and cannot) paint with alcohol in his system. He rarely drinks, and even then only small amounts.

Stephen's signature icon - a temple with just one pillar - has been in use since the early 1990's. 
This has more than one meaning. Meet me and I'll explain the philosophy behind the icon.